The marriage of Alberto e Roberta

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Stories of wedding in Franciacorta

The brief interview to our couples…because experiences told from whom lived them have another taste…

Who are you?
Alberto e Roberta di Coccaglio!

How and when did you meet?
We met at a pub in Rovato 8 years ago and despite our maturity age we decided to get married anyway!

When did you married? 
07 February 2015

Your wedding in a word…
An Amazing wedding!

Theme of your wedding, why?
Red and white rule all day!

The strangest thing organized for your wedding…
Everything we organized was particular, but the best thing was the bride’s dress…red!!!!

How did you come to know Villa Baiana, would you recommend it? Why?

We get to know Villa Baiana through our friend Albina who works there. We always recommend it, we did it in the past, we do it now and we will always do so because Villa Baiana is Villa Baiana, rather a magic!

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