Villa Baiana nel 1987
il portico di Villa Baiana nel 1987
i giardini di Villa baiana nel 1987
Ingresso di Villa Baiana oggi

The origins of Villa Baiana and La Montina

An atmosphere of history and tradition…

The earliest records of the “La Montina” estate date from 1620 when the owners of the manor house was an aristocratic family from Brescia headed by Benedetto Montini – a forefather of Pope Paul VI – whose family name gave rise to the place name of Montina. Since then this small locality which includes the vineyards and the hill at the back has in fact been called “La Montina”.
The vineyard is overlooked by the seventeenth century Villa Baiana, the manor house renovated by the Bozza brothers in the early nineteen nineties.
The delightful position of Villa Baiana is made even more special by the view over the vineyards of Franciacorta and the park of centuries-old plants that surrounds it, an outstanding example of which is a Lebanese cedar dated to 1784.


Barbara Bozza

Luigi Cantaboni chef di Villa Baiana
Maurizio chef di Villa Baiana
mario ghirardelli direttore di sala Villa Baiana

At your service for more than 20 years

Our chefs and pastry chefs prepare every dish, dessert or cake entirely from expertly selected raw materials.

The professionalism of our staff has always been a guarantee of the highest standards of quality and service for the clients, even the most demanding.

Special attention is given to food intolerances and requests for particular types of cuisine: vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist

cuisine and pastries

Relying on a top class kitchen staff, Villa Baiana takes pride in its dishes, from the starters to the first and second courses and culminating in desserts and final courses of a care, refinement and rarity confirmed by thousands of people that for one reason or another have been amazed by their quality over the years.

Even during the course of events (private or company) with large numbers of people, the quality of the dishes arriving at the tables is of an excellence lacking nothing in terms of preparation, mise en place, timing and methods that a top class kitchen and dining hall organisation guarantee.

Villa Baiana counts on the professionalism of its pastry chefs to give the bride and groom the freedom to make requests indulging in their whims, dreaming up a unique wedding cake and leaving their personal mark on the day


Our Franciacorta wines

The sister company of Villa Baiana is “La Montina”, a historic winery of Franciacorta famous for its highly esteemed classic method sparkling wines (and its still red and white wines).

At all the events organised in Villa Baiana the guests are served only the wines of “La Montina” in order to guarantee high quality instilled with 100% of the passion of the entire Bozza family.

La Montina” Franciacorta wines are generally served throughout the meal and at large wedding receptions.


La Montina Franciacorta


La Montina Franciacorta


La Montina Franciacorta

BRUT 2011

La Montina Franciacorta

PAS DOSE’ 2011

La Montina Franciacorta


La Montina Franciacorta


La Montina Franciacorta


La Montina Franciacorta

rosso dei dossi

La Montina Franciacorta

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