The marriage of Erica and Jacopo

Matrimonio Franciacorta


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The brief interview to our couples…because experiences told from who lived them have another taste…

Who are you?
Erica Bessi and Jacopo Guerrini

Describe you in a word…

How and when did you meet?
We met on November 9th 2009 thanks to some common friends

When did you get married? 
We got married on 29 September 2017

Your wedding in a word…
We would like to call it “spectacular”

Theme of your wedding, why? 
We did not have a particular theme … so we used the name of your wines for the tables, being only good wine drinkers and connoisseurs of good food like yours.

The strangest thing organized for your wedding…
The most special thing organized for the wedding was the surprise song dedicated by my husband to me and a tearful video organized by my sister.

How did you come to know Villa Baiana, would you recommend it? Why?

After visiting a dozen locations for our wedding we chose Villa Baiana. After having tasted the cuisine and the wines: everything was superb, we have eaten divinely and the quality is recognized at first glance and at first bite (not to mention the wines ).
We fully recommend Villa Baiana as we also reported to a couple we met in Villa, the day after our wedding.
My husband and I continue following and participating your events because as I also reported to Giuseppe (a spectacular person who knew how to satisfy all our needs, together with his competent team) we fell in love with the place that started our life together, as husband and wife …. we left a piece of our hearts in this place that marked our new beginning.

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