The marriage of Roberto e Valentina

Matrimoni Franciacorta


Stories of wedding in Franciacorta

The brief interview to our couples…because experiences told from whom lived them have another taste…

Who are you?
Roberto and Valentina

Describe you in a word…

How and when did you meet?
At a language school, Valentina taught English and Roberto was the top of the class 😉

When did you married?
02 September 2012

Your wedding in a word…

Theme of your wedding, why?
Life and family, for sharing spirit

The strangest thing organized for your wedding…
Everything was perfectly ordinary

How did you come to know Villa Baiana, would you recommend it? Why?
Suggested by Valentina’s brother. We saw many restaurants but arrived at the Villa we had no doubt: enchanting for location, staff and services.

Ph. Andrea Riviera

Matrimoni Franciacorta
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