The marriage of Caterina e Umberto


Stories of wedding in Franciacorta

The brief interview to our couples…because experiences told from whom lived them have another taste…

Who are you?
Caterina and Umberto

Describe you in a word…
The Bettonetti

How and when did you meet?
We met at a party organized from mutual friend for 2012 New Year’s Eve

Quando vi siete sposati?
14th October 2017

Your wedding in a word…
A dream

Theme of your wedding, why? 
Solidarity, because happiness is real only when shared.

The strangest thing organized for your wedding…
Personalized paper handkerchief, so people could cry without concerns

How did you come to know Villa Baiana, would you recommend it? Why?

We love La Montina wines and of course we would recommend Villa Baiana for the excellence of the staff, of the location and of the cuisine.

Ph. Paolo Lamperti Photographer

Matrimonio Franciacorta
Matrimonio Villa Baiana
Matrimonio Villa Baiana