The marriage of Sara e Damiano


Stories of wedding in Franciacorta

The brief interview to our couples…because experiences told from whom lived them have another taste…

Who are you?
Sara and Damiano

Describe you in a word…

How and when did you meet?
We met at a party in 2003

When did you married?
21st July 2017

Your wedding in a word…
Fairy tale

Theme of your wedding, why? 
Disney world couples, because we believe in fairy tales

The strangest thing organized for your wedding…
Throwing bright balloons in the sky

How did you come to know Villa Baiana, would you recommend it? Why?

We would recommend Villa Baiana because it is the location of dreams!

Green gardens, wide areas at your disposal, excellent cuisine and impeccable service make it perfect for your wedding!

We suggest it to all the future couples searching for a villa where they can feel home!

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Villa Baiana Franciacorta
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